【Foundation era 1959-1979】
Morioka Gosei Limited Company (later known as MORIOKA CO., LTD.) started the stationary products assembly business and grew steadily. The business changed from face-to-face sales to sales through displays as supermarkets emerged. In around 1969, we entered the blister packaging market in the Chubu area and started the vacuum forming business.

Foundation era

【Expansion era 1979-1994】
MORIOKA SHOJI CO., LTD. (later known as MORIPAX CO., LTD.) was established for strengthening and expanding our business operations. The number of offices and factories increased and the pillars of our business, manufacturing and sales were established.


【Globalization 1994- 】
Expanded our business internationally, mainly in Asia, becoming a world-competitive company since the Japanese economy became global.



April 1959
Shozo Sumida established Morioka Gosei limited company
April 1971
Changed the company name as MORIOKA CO., LTD.
August 1979
MORIOKA SHOJI CO., LTD. was founded
Masayuki Sumida was as president
January 1984
Factory for vacuum-forming was built in Japan
November 1987
Mie Office was established
June 1990
Tokyo Office was established
April 1991
Shozo Sumida became chairman and Masayuki Sumida took over as president of MORIOKA CO., LTD.
December 1993
Changed the company name to MORIPAX CO., LTD
November 1994
MORIPAX (HK) LTD. was established
March 2003
Factory in Shenzhen was established in China
December 2004
Technical Center was established in Japan
December 2012
MORIPAX (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established
March 2013
Factory in Shenzhen was closed and new factory was established in Huizhou, China
April 2014
Morioka Group commemorated its 55th anniversary